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  • Thanh Mai B

    My visit was stellar.

    All staff warm and welcoming. Each professional, from the sign-in reception, to the nurses questions, to Dr. Jobe's gifted professional care, to Matthew's able hands left us with confidence that all will go well.
  • Stuart D

    Dr Jobe and his staff provided excellent scheduling, diagnosis, and treatment for my recent hand issues. During COVID the office was careful with everyone in the medical office, and practiced distancing, masks, and good sanitation while also minimizing wait time to see Dr Jobe after checking in for...
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  • Joshua W

    Dr. Jobe is a good dude. He cut a cyst out of my finger. I wanted to save money, so he did it in the office with local anaestesia. Very little pain after and scar is healing nicely. His beside manner is good. Although I did have to wait a long time to see him this last time, his staff, especially Br...
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  • Connie B

    I broke the scaphoid bone in my hand, a slow healing bone , as I was told. I was referred to Dr. Jobe for this specialty work by Dr. Grayson Moore, the doctor who was treating my broken feet. Dr. Jobe was just great! Through his quiet demeanor, he made decisions that were very wise, including using ...
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  • Madeleine E

    A super great surgeon! I trust him because he repaired my broken tibia in conjunction with a previous femur break. This Dr has such a positive attitude it's catching! His father is a Dr Jobe as well. Jobe the Senior. Taylor Jobe is....Jobe the a Junior. His practice is like him. A confident happy ...
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  • Reba B

    After accompanying my friend who filleted her finger open to a Dr. Burris she was referred to Dr Taylor Jobe. He is by far the most phenomenal hand surgeon with and amazing bedside manor and has the compassion in everything he does that several Drs today lack. He was informative and extremely knowle...
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  • Matt F

    Dr Jobe did a excellent job on my hand surgery, I would highly return him, Matt Fosdick
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  • Joan R

    Dr Jobe was able to do surgery on my A2 pulley repair that two other hand surgeons said could not be done. And all the while being a pretty neat human being. His MA India is warm and responsive and terrific! Everyone I have interacted with, in his office or in the therapy department, is A+, in my op...
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  • Debbie M

    Dr Jobe is the best. Even though the steroid shot made me see stars I am feeling great. Dr Jobe is knowledgeable and very personable as well. I highly recommend him.
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  • Noreen G

    Excellent service, explained treatment. Would highly recommend him.
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  • Texas Tech University
  • The University of New Mexico