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  • Glenna

    My son broke his elbow on a Thursday afternoon. Dr. Jobe was the on-call orthopedist and was able to fit my son in the next day. I do my homework before appointments, like most folks do nowadays, and I was grateful that he took the time to listen to my concerns and address them. He didn't dismiss me...
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  • SF

    Friendly staff Dr Jobe was great. Very knowledgeable & explained the treatment plan thoroughly.
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  • JT

    Dr. seemed very nice and was very thorough. The Assistants/Nurses were very nice and helpful.
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  • Karl E

    Dr. Jobe was very responsive to my needs, and went beyond what was expected.
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  • SV

    Estoy muy contento, pues sus atenciones son muy buenas y muy presisas
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  • Gilbert M

    I'm an MD myself, and I was quite impressed with this surgeon and his staff.
    Super friendly bedside manners, accommodated my emergency, very helpful staff. Positive vibes. Excellent reputation.
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  • Larry B

    There aren't enough words of praise to describe Tayor Jobe's ability as a hand surgeon.
    If you are looking for the best in class, Taylor is your man !

    I can't thank him enough for the work he did to save my hand !
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  • Dion D

    Dr. Jobe is a skilled, personable surgeon and orthopedic physician. My wife had an initial elbow operation (a cage over the fractured elbow). The cage didn't hold because she has osteopenia. Dr. Jobe skillfully performed a second operation that allowed her to have a nearly normal range of movement....
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  • Janice F

    Dr. Jobe is a great surgeon who makes his patients feel at ease. I highly recommend him.
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  • Corky C

    Dr. Jobe is amazing. He treated me as if I was the only patient he had. I cut my hand on Sunday, saw him in his office on Monday, then surgery on Wednesday, and he showed up to my 1st PT appt just to make sure everything was going good. My hand is 100% back to normal.
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