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Austin Wrist, Elbow & Hand Surgeon

Dr. Taylor provides comprehensive care for all hand and upper extremity disorders as well as advanced fracture care. He understands each patient is different and strives to find the most effective solutions to meed your needs.

Taylor Jobe, M.D.,

MeetTaylor Jobe, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon
Hand and Upper Extremity Specialist

I love the hand and upper extremity. Complex anatomy and challenging pathology led me into this field, and it is truly a specialty that satisfies my career aspirations on a professional level.

My care philosophy is simple: I try to put myself in the shoes of every patient I treat. My goals are clearly different for every patient. The needs of a competitive athlete may be very different from the needs of a retired lawyer or active Austin-area musician. The pediatric patient, with growing bones...

  • Taylor Jobe, M.D., - Top Doctor 2023
  • Taylor Jobe, M.D., - Top Doctor Winner 2023
  • Taylor Jobe, M.D.

Patient Reviews

  • All staff warm and welcoming. Each professional, from the sign-in reception, to the nurses questions, to Dr. Jobe's gifted professional care, to Matthew's able hands left us with confidence that all will go well.
    Thanh Mai B
  • Dr Jobe and his staff provided excellent scheduling, diagnosis, and treatment for my recent hand issues. During COVID the office was careful with everyone in the medical office, and practiced distancing, masks, and good sanitation while also minimizing wait time to see Dr Jobe after checking in for...
    Stuart D

Areas Of Expertise

  • Reconstructive Micro Surgery

    Reconstructive Microsurgery

    Reconstructive microsurgery is a special type of surgery that combines magnification with an advanced microscope, specialized precision tools, and various operating techniques for the surgical treatment of complicated injuries involving the muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, skin, and bones.

  • Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

    Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

    Carpal tunnel release surgery is performed to relieve pressure on the median nerve causing pain and numbness. The procedure can be performed in a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure through one or two half-an-inch incisions.

Practice Locations

  • University of Virginia
  • Texas Tech University
  • The University of New Mexico