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    After accompanying my friend who filleted her finger open to a Dr. Burris she was referred to Dr Taylor Jobe. He is by far the most phenomenal hand surgeon with and amazing bedside manor and has the compassion in everything he does that several Drs today lack. He was informative and extremely knowledgeable about what needed to be done and had the confidence in the success of his performance. Everything went extremely well with her surgery and she has made a full recovery. He even took the time to give an impromptu exam of my own wrist injury and told me when I was ready come see him. The only issue is that he doesn't accept my insurance and after reading horror stories of the orthopedic hand surgeons that do I wish I could practically beg him at this point to take me as a patient but unfortunately that is part of the downfall of modern health insurance and not Dr Jobe's fault.
  • University of Virginia
  • Texas Tech University
  • The University of New Mexico